Seed Paper

What is Plantable Paper?

Seed paper is a type of handmade, eco-friendly material that includes any number and variety of seeds embedded within recycled cotton, paper or wood pulp.

The seeds can still germinate after the production process and can be planted in soil and watered regularly to sprout.

Jump over to our page on How to Plant and Grow Seed Paper for more information on the best method for planting.

close up view of a seed paper sheet

What is Plantable Seed Paper used for

Seed paper, often called Plantable Paper has a wide range of applications including stationary, invitations, promotional material, cards and decorative wraps. Due to its versatility and sustainability it’s often used to create promotional materials for businesses’ and events.

Several businesses have adopted seed paper as an alternative to paper or card for their product packaging. This creates a talking point for customers and displays a commitment to the environment and any corporate social responsibility.

How does seed paper work?

By impregnating a variety of recycled or pulped papers during the production process you can create plantable seed paper. The method of production and paper medium will often dictate the germination rates of any given paper. Click this link to find out exactly How Seed Paper is Made.

Due to the variations in production processes, transport and planting requirements, seed paper can be tricky to germinate, nurture and grow without the right process and environment. We’ve created a page discussing the pitfalls of planting and growing seed paper called Does Seed Paper Really Work.

Printing, Cutting and Crafting

Just like traditional paper stock, seed paper can be used for a wide range of craft activities. It’s important to understand that due to the seeds embedded within the paper there are certain requirements to effectively print on seed paper without damaging either the seeds or your printer. We’ve created an in-depth guide detailing How To Print On Seed Paper. 

Where can I Buy Seed Paper

UK Seed Paper offers a wide range of plantable paper products for businesses and individuals in our online store. We have an office and showroom located in Exeter, Devon and dedicated account managers for any customised orders.

example plantable loyalty cards for a coffee shop
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