What is Seed Paper

Plantable paper is an innovative new eco-friendly product made out of recycled materials and embedded with seeds. When planted in a pot of soil, the seeds will grow and thrive while the plantable paper composts away. It’s easy to use and environmentally friendly!

What does seed paper grow into?

The majority of our seed paper contains a wildflower mix to provide a healthy range of plants and flowers for pollinators and humans. We aim to provide a range of seeds in the future including vegetables and herbs.

How can I plant my seed paper?

At UK Seed Paper we wanted to be sure that we could provide a quick, easy and efficient way to use our ‘groundbreaking’ paper so we created our simple three-step guide for seed paper success. Simply follow the guide below to go from seed paper to beautiful flowers and blossoms in no time or check out our comprehensive seed paper growing guide here.

Get Your Soil & Pot Ready

First, fill your pot 2/3 full with good soil. Tamp down the loose dirt or use more if necessary until it is firmly packed yet not overly compressed in the pot.

Plant Your Seed Paper

Tear your seed paper into small pieces and gently press down, then cover the seed paper in a 1/8 inch layer of soil.

Water Regularly 

After planting, water your soil and paper until soaked and keep moist for the following days to ensure healthy germination.

A new kind of handmade eco product

Hand-crafted seed paper is an essential component of our company’s mission to provide natural habitats for bees, butterflies and birds. By adopting seed paper as an alternative to traditional materials, we think our customers make a huge difference.

Seed Paper Applications

Seed paper has so many uses but some of the most popular are crafting, business cards, packaging, shapes, favours and greeting cards. UK Seed Paper is the go-to for all of your plantable paper needs. We have a wide range of plantable paper products in our shop alongside custom design and print services. 

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