How to Grow Seed Paper

Growing seed paper not only gives you beautiful plants, but it's environmentally friendly too! Not to mention it's an awesome craft idea for kids, so get ready to start growing your own garden no matter where you live!

Grow Seed Paper in a Pot

You need a pot or tray to start sprouting your seedlings. Fill your chosen receptacle with moist soil or compost – ideally peat-free! Don't pack the soil too tightly and place aside for the next step.
seedling emerging from plantable seed paper skulls
sprouts appearing from seed paper shapes and seed paper growing in plant pots

Cut or Rip Seed Paper into Bits

Cut or rip your seed paper in to small pieces and place in your pot or tray. Push the seed paper down gently and cover under approximately 1/8 inch of soil or compost.

Wildflower seeds to help insects

Our seed paper contains a variety of wildflowers perfect for pollinators

Eco alternative to paper

Instead of cutting down trees, your planting them

Great for education

Perfect for teaching kids and young adults the joy of horticulture

Water Seed Paper Regularly

It's very important that you keep the seed paper and soil moist but not oversaturated. Check on it daily to ensure there is enough moisture for the seeds within the paper to germinate.
seed paper growing in clay trays in the garden
watch your seed paper grow into flowers

Watch your Seed Paper Grow

In no time at all you'll be watching your plantable paper bloom in to wildflowers of all varieties. UK Seed Paper has a wide range of seed paper products perfect for arts, crafts, gifts and more...
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When should I plant the wildflower seeds in the paper?

Wildflower meadows are an elegant and low maintenance alternative to lawns, providing a fine floral display that can be enjoyed for months on end. Sow your seeds in March or April to avoid the risks of winter. On lighter soils, autumn-sown seeds will generally germinate and establish quickly; but on heavier ones they may need another month before emerging from their seed coating but are at risk from waterlogging which could cause rot.
when to grow seed paper
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