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Get your company logo in to the hands of customers with plantable seed paper marketing material, made in Britain.
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Visit the UK seed paper shop but if you're not sure what you're looking for you can start in one of our main seed paper categories below. Including Seed Paper cards, flyers, tags and seed paper shapes. 

UK Seed Paper Helping Protect the Planet

UK Seed Paper is committed to helping protect the planet by providing its customers with excellent products and services that contribute towards a carbon neutral zero waste society. 

Rewilding Britain

Nature in Britain today is in serious trouble and we need to help! We’ve hunted all of our top predators, native woodlands only cover 2.5% of our land and life has been pulled out of our oceans just to meet unsustainable demand. With more than half our species in decline and 15% threatened with extinction we need to act now!


Reducing our carbon footprint is very important to us and we believe it should be a necessity for all businesses. To help us have a direct impact on atmospheric CO2 levels we've chosen to work with Ecologi to plant trees and preserve the worlds rainforests. 

Sustainable Packaging

We make sure that all of our packaging is sustinable and where possible we dispatch all products with zero waste.

Why you should work with UK Seed Paper

Our seed paper is made from 100% post consumer waste. Every single sheet is made by hand and left to air dry naturally for maximum germination rates.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

From our dedicated and knowledgeable account managers to our physical office in Exeter, we want to provide you with the best products and services.

Printing on Seed Paper

Seed Paper Printing Sepcialists

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Business Benefits of Seed Paper

Conversation Starter

Traditional business cards are overlooked & rarely acted upon. Using seed paper sets you apart from the competition.

Go Green

All businesses should think green. Using seed paper improves brand experience by giving customers the chance to take action.

Increased CSR

What is your business doing to improve corporate social responsibility? Start using seed paper & give back to the environment.

Helps Save Bees

Our seed paper contains a wildflower mix of seeds that will produce pollen rich flowers, perfect for pollinators.

Gift of Giving

The gift of giving is one of the best gifts. Make something special out of seed paper & give it to someone you love.

Helps Improve Earth

Planting flowers can improve soil quality  contributing towards better water purity & less co2 in the world.

Ready to Get Growing?

Looking for Seed Paper near me? Since launching in April of 2021, UK Seed Paper has helped business, brands, individuals and events achieve their goals. See how we can help you embrace a green alternative to traditional paper.
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