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Seed Paper – The Comprehensive Guide

Heard about seed paper and want to know what all the fuss is about?

We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide on what seed paper is, how it’s made, its many possible applications and some frequently asked questions we often hear surrounding plantable paper.

Let’s dive into the comprehensive guide on seed paper learning all about this ‘groundbreaking’ new technology.

What is Seed Paper?

Seed Paper is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper and card stock.

It’s essentially a thick paper packed full of tiny seeds that will grow if planted correctly (don’t worry we’ll cover this later).

It can be used just like paper or card stock but it’s typically much harder to print and cut due to the many imperfections that make us love it so much.

Seed Paper can be embedded with a wide variety of seed species including wildflowers, herbs and vegetables.

Head over to our detailed guide on what is seed paper for a closer look into this amazing alternative to paper.

How is Seed Paper made?

Seed Paper is normally made in one of two ways.

Either paper is produced using traditional paper-making methods by using a mould and deckle or produced at a larger scale in a commercial paper mill.

As a general rule, the handmade seed paper contains a lot more imperfections which really add to the charm of the paper but this can create challenges when trying to print and cut. Handmade paper allows you to get really creative with your seed mix, why not try a mix of veggies and herbs to create a new source of food for your lucky recipient?

Want to learn how to make your own handmade seed paper? Head over to our guide on how to make seed paper at home to learn

What can you use Seed Paper for?

Seed paper has a massive range of applications for a wide range of customers and use cases.

Businesses can take advantage of plantable flyers, business cards and various other kinds of promotional material.

Seed paper is also a great way to add an eco touch to your wedding. From seed paper wedding invites, menus, save the dates and much more.

Seed paper is also suitable for a range of other events like funerals, baby showers, parties and large gatherings.

Does seed paper actually grow?

Yes, seed paper is a fantastic way to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables when planted and cared for correctly. Head over to our step-by-step guide on how to plant and grow seed paper to learn all the tips and tricks to make sure your plantable paper is blooming in no time.

Can seed paper go through a printer?

Yes, but not all printers. To ensure you don’t damage the seeds embedded within the paper we only recommend using an Inkjet printer. We’ve created a helpful guide on how to print on the seed paper with all of the tips and tricks we’ve learned after printing thousands of sheets of plantable paper.

Should I soak my seed paper before I plant it?

Yes, most of the time seed paper doesn’t grow it’s because it wasn’t soaked pre-planting or it wasn’t watered enough during the first 1-2 weeks. Because seeds are embedded in the paper they need to break through the paper to sprout and bloom. If your seed paper dries it creates a barrier that small seeds will struggle to break through, the wetter the paper the less resistance it will have for the seed sprouting.

How long does seed paper last?

We recommend using your seed paper within 12 months of purchase. While some seeds are still able to germinate up to 4 years later the rate of germination will decrease over time.

Is Plantable Paper and Seed Paper the same thing?

Yes, plantable paper and seed paper are used interchangeably to describe any paper or card products embedded with a range of seeds. These can be flowers, vegetables or herbs and can either be made by hand or at scale using a commercial paper mill.

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