Artwork Requirements

We print what we receive so please make sure you send high quality print ready artwork. If you’re not 100% sure whether your artwork meets the minimum requirements, you have the option to pay for artwork verification, a printed proof and / or a physical sample.

Please only send PDF, JPEG, PNG or AI files.

There is a lot to think about when printing on Seed Paper. We always recommend you avoid block colours and stick to low ink designs. We generally advise that the design does not exceed 30% ink coverage. Whilst it is possible to print block colours, they will not only hide the natural appearance of seed paper but the ink also has a negative affect on the seeds, soil and germination rate plus the quality of the finish is not the best.

For best results we advise to keep your design simple, avoid large block colours by keeping backgrounds plain and utilising white space to show off the natural appearance of the paper. Let the paper do most of the talking. If we do notice any errors or experience any issues with the design, we will of course get in touch, however this is not a guarantee and it will slow down the production time of your order.

If you would like this to be guaranteed, we do offer artwork verification service, printed proof and / or physical sample.

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