Do you have some questions about seed paper? We’ve answered the most common queries about our plantable products and ordering with UK Seed Paper.

How Does Seed Paper Work?

By embedding seeds during production, you can create a plantable paper that grows flowers when planted. It’s a perfect alternative to traditional marketing materials that get overlooked and sent straight to the bin.

How Do You Plant & Grow Seed Paper?

Planting your seed paper is easy. Just tear it into small pieces, plant it under a thin layer of soil and water regularly so the paper doesn’t dry out. Head over to our guide on how to grow seed paper for the full process.

How Long Does Seed Paper Take To Sprout?

Once your seed paper gets wet, it will normally show sprouts in 7-14 days. Sometimes, seed paper may not sprout until the following year, so keep checking on your flower patch.

What Kind Of Inks & Printer Do You Use?

We strictly use inkjet printers and water-based inks, which provide the most environmentally friendly solution for seed paper and the soil it grows in.

How Long Does Seed Paper Last?

Seed paper can still germinate up to three years after it’s made, but we recommend using all our plantable products within 12 months of receiving them.

How Do You Print On Seed Paper?

Printing on seed paper is very challenging. Read our guide on how to print on seed paper to learn more about how to approach printing on this unique paper type.

What Happens If Seed Paper Gets Wet?

When seed paper becomes saturated and stays wet, it begins the germination process. A small amount of water on the paper does not start the growing process and will quickly dry in direct sunlight.

Can I Write & Paint On Seed Paper?

Yes, you can use a pen or pencil to draw, paint, and write on seed paper. Just try not to cover the paper in ink or paint, which could negatively affect its ability to grow and thrive.

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