two drifters plantable product tag

Product Tags For Two Drifters Carbon Negative Rum

The Two Drifters Distillery was founded by Gemma and Russ Wakeham from Devon in 2019. Two Drifters is fully aware that the world’s climate issues can only be reduced if businesses start to measure and be openly accountable for their actions, leading them on a drive towards a Carbon Negative Rum.

Two Drifters investigated different methods of Carbon Offsetting and found offsetting with an organisation called Climeworks to be the best fit for their business and brand. Climeworks achieves this by using a technology that directly captures carbon dioxide from the air, removing historic COโ‚‚ emissions and improving the planet.

This drive has led Two Drifters on a path towards Carbon Negativity and beyond, leading them to investigate new and inventive ways of displaying their commitment to the environment and sustainability including plantable gift tags for their Rum bottles.

We looked at different plantable tags with Gemma at Two Drifters and decided on a simple bauble plantable tag that would sit perfectly on the bottle displaying their logo and allowing their customers to write a small personalised note for gifting and Christmas presents.

Gemma trialled the new seed paper tags at Dart’s Farm, a well-established Farm shop based in the rolling hills surrounding Exeter and they were a massive hit with customers and passers-by.

Find out more about Two Drifters Distillery and their Carbon Negative Rum.

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