How to Print on Seed Paper

People often ask “Can I print on seed paper?” and the short answer is yes! Printing on seed paper is a great way of making customised plantable creations, but ensuring you print in a way that won’t damage the seeds within your paper, or your home printer, is really important. Below we talk about our recommended printing method for the best results, plus some other options available to you.

Our Recommended Printing Process

We recommend using an Inkjet printer with a top-loading gravity fed system. This ensures the seeds within your plantable paper are not damaged by the printing process. The goal here is to minimise both the heat and pressure on the paper.

Some other tips and advice that can help while using an Inkjet printer for seed paper:

Shake all your seed paper sheets to ensure you remove any debris and partially embedded seeds.

Try applying a small amount of pressure to ensure the paper feeds correctly in to the tray.

inkjet printer for printing on seed paper

Other Ways to Print Seed Paper

If you don’t have access to an inkjet printer the following methods are still suitable and won’t damage any of the seeds embedded within the paper.

  • Offset printing
  • Using a screen printer
  • Letterpress

Seed Paper That Grows

If you’re interested in using seed paper for your next project then don’t hesitate to get in touch using the button below.

Things to Consider when Printing on Seed Paper

Keep your design minimal: in most cases, seed paper is made using recycled paper and tends to be very fibrous. This can lead to ink leaching along the fibres so try to avoid large blocks of colour on your print design.

Avoid small text and intricate fonts: due to the seeds embedded within the paper, you may get some imperfections during a print which could lead to your text being illegible. Try to consider this when designing and let the seeded texture of the paper be a key part of your design.

Get creative: when your drafting your design, be aware that seeds may be visible when held up to the light. With some clever design you can create some fantastic patterns and imagery utilising the seeds embedded within your paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you can use a laser printer for seed paper the heat and pressure created during the print process will likely damage the seeds within and hamper germination.
Due to the inconsistencies in handmade seed paper and the chance of seeds dislodging during the print process we do not advise using handmade seed paper for printing. 
Yes! Painting on homemade seed paper is a great way of personalising your seed paper and creating thoughtful gifts for friends or loved ones. Try to use water-based paints and don’t use thick layers of paint to avoid hindering your seed paper’s germination.
Yes, by using our recommended method above you can easily print on seed paper using a gravity fed Inkjet printer. We don’t encourage the use of laser printers for seed paper.
You can make seed paper using our guide on How To Make Seed Paper At Home but we do not advise using homemade seed paper in a printer in case any seeds dislodge during the printing process. 
Yes, you can write on seed paper easily. Pencil is preferred and if you are going to use ink, try not to use fountain pens or any pens that use free flowing ink.

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