Plantable Seed Paper Business Cards

Plantable Seed Paper Business Cards are a great conversation piece and will leave your company standing out from the crowd! Made with wildflower seed paper, these greener promotions help promote sustainability. Our mission is to help you grow your business with zero waste marketing strategy.

Seed Paper Business Cards

Seed paper business cards can also be easily grown in pots or on windowsills so there is no waste left behind when they’re done being used for their intended purpose of promotion at events.
Business Cards
Seed Paper Business Card Examples

Ecofriendly Plantable Business Cards

Our ecofriendly plantable business cards are the best way to share your details. With just a little love and attention they can grow into beautiful wildflowers! A fantastic way to sdhare your company information while doing something good for planet earth too.

Help Businesses to Grow with Plantable Paper

Grow your business with Plantable Paper. From Business cards to product tags, plantable seed paper is the best way to get your message across and do something good for the earth.

Seed Paper Review Cards

You can't go wrong with a plantable card! These unique and custom handmade pieces from our greeting cards shops come alive when planted. With just enough love, they will grow into beautiful wildflowers that are sure to brighten any day of yours. Great for sending some extra hope or kindness on behalf of plants everywhere.
Seed Paper Card - Happy Anniversary

Seed Paper Cards

A world without wild plants is a place where we cannot thrive. We need our environment to be green and healthy, so that's why it was such an amazing idea for us here at Plantable Greetings Cards Shop!! Our plantable cards are the perfect way make your mother or friend feel loved while doing something good too.
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