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Championing Wildflower Plantable Paper In The UK

UK Seed Paper is here to help your business or brand to make the change from traditional paper stock to wildflower plantable paper.

This revolutionary material lets you carry out physical marketing without the massive environmental impact.

If you want to learn more about how businesses are moving over to this planet-friendly alternative then you’re in the right place.

Let’s take a deep dive into why we think wildflower seed paper is the perfect fit for environmentally conscious brands all over the country.

What is Wildflower Plantable Paper?

Often referred to as seed paper, plantable paper or wildflower paper, this amazing resource has been made across the world for hundreds of years but it’s only just getting the recognition it deserves.

In essence, it’s a paper or card embedded with a choice of seeds. You can incorporate flower, vegetable or herb seeds to create a wide variety of different paper types.

Anyone who receives marketing material in the form of plantable paper can either use it to grow flowers in a pot or in their garden. Better yet, even if it gets thrown away it’s still going to have the benefit of adding a little touch of colour and forage in and around landfills.

Our personal favourite is wildflower plantable paper due to its beneficial properties for bees, pollinators and wildlife across the UK.

Incorporating Wildflower Plantable Paper into your Marketing?

Now you’ve got a better understanding of what wildflower plantable paper is you probably want to know how you can start applying it to your own marketing efforts.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers level up their marketing with plantable paper so we thought we’d share some of our favourite use cases below:

Digital Downloads

Selling or gifting digital downloads requires a download code and a web page for customers to retrieve their download.

We recently worked with an up-and-coming band that wanted to sell digital downloads at their next gig. Using our wildflower seed paper we created an A5 flyer that folded up to hide a download code.

Upon purchase, users could unfold the flyer to display the download code, a link to the download site and a helpful QR code that links straight to the download page.

The feedback from these was amazing with every single download sold within the first few hours of the gig!

Plantable Thank You Cards

Give your customers a lasting memento of your brand with plantable wildflower thank-you cards.

Whether you sell physical products or services it’s key to your brand’s growth that your customers remember you for the right reasons.

The days of disposable ‘swag’ are well and truly gone and most customers make choices with environmental concerns at the centre of their decision-making process.

This change in customer behaviour has led to a change in how businesses use promotional material and thank you cards are no different.

Seed Paper Flyers

Traditional flyers are a wasteful form of marketing, whether it’s handouts or mail drops the majority of flyers go straight in the bin and if you’re lucky, the recycling.

So why not reinvent the flyer?

Well, we did. Our plantable flyers are packed full of UK native wildflower seeds and even if they end up in a landfill they’ll still support bees, insects and wildlife all over the UK.

Better yet people actually take notice of real effort in marketing. Creating promotional material that actually grows will shine a fantastic light on your brand.

Find out more about our plantable seed paper flyers here.

Wildflower Menus

Whether you’re a restaurant looking to take an environmentally friendly approach to waste or an event looking to truly stub your guests a plantable seed paper menu is a perfect choice.

Being much thicker than traditional paper stock seed paper is the perfect medium for your next menu, embedded seeds create a rustic look that’s a perfect fit for any local produce.

Head over here to learn more about our plantable seed paper menus.

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