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Looking for a local seed paper supplier for yourself or your business in the United Kingdom? Look no further, UK Seed Paper can provide free shipping to anywhere in the UK from our headquarters in Exeter, Devon.
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Online store and custom seed paper orders

We've got a range of plantable paper products available in our online store including shapes, sheets, tags and much more. If you need a custom order for an event like a wedding or birthday we can help. Stand out with one of a kind invitations or go the extra mile with confetti that grows beautiful wildflowers.
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cut or tear your seed paper in to pieces

Promotional material for events, brands and businesses

We can help you with displaying your brands environmental credentials on your next marketing push with seed paper promo materials. We can create flyers, invites, posters and any other promotional activities usually completed with traditional paper stock. Why not stand out next time your displaying your business with our seed paper business cards.

Free shipping all over the UK

Get your next seed paper order delivered completely free of charge

Helpful customer service

Unsure about anything seed paper? Get in touch with our helpful team

Great for the planet

Helping individuals and businesses, help our planet 
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