Plantable Wildflower Seed Paper

Our Wildflower paper is a versatile and eco-conscious choice, perfect for various projects. Available in 120, 200, and 250 GSM with the following seed options:

Wildflower Mix (Daisy, Poppy & Forget-Me-Not)

This slightly off-white paper is embedded with a mix of daisy, poppy, and forget-me-not seeds, offering a delightful blend of flowers that will bloom beautifully once planted. The embedded seeds provide a stunning finish to this plantable paper with a textured front and a flatter reverse.

Wildflower Seed Paper

DIY & Crafts

This is a great seed paper option for anyone looking to print on seed paper themselves.

Bee Friendly

Jammed full of seeds carefully picked to support bees and pollinators across the UK.


This mechanically produced paper is available in the following:

120, 200, and 250 GSM


Our Wildlflower paper is an attractive shade of off-white, adding to its natural look and feel.

Wildflower Seed Paper

Let’s Get Growing

Discover the ground-breaking possibilities with plantable paper.

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