Plantable Meadow Seed Paper

Experience the exceptional quality of our Meadow paper, a premium stock crafted with care and heritage in one of the UK’s oldest paper mills. Made with a minimum of 80% recycled fibre and embedded with UK native wildflowers and grass seeds, this paper is designed to support biodiversity and sustainability.

Meadow Mix (UK native wildflower seeds and grass seeds)
Available in 200GSM and 250GSM

Each sheet is hand-torn and produced using traditional methods passed down through generations of paper makers at the iconic Frogmore Paper Mill. By choosing Meadow seed paper, you get a high-quality product that preserves the history of the mill and the historical working practices they’re keeping alive.

Meadow Seed Paper


Frogmore Paper Mill was the site of the first mechanised paper machine in the world in 1803.


The Apsley Paper Trail charitable trust operates the site and exists to preserve this history.


Each sheet is hand-torn, and careful production methods ensure each seed stays in the condition it arrived at the mill, giving it every chance of successful germination.


The British Paper Company purchased Frogmore Mill in 1890 to recycle paper. Using their white waste provides a beautiful, vibrant finish to the print that is unbeaten across our range.

Meadow Seed Paper

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